Baby & Child

  • From the moment your bundle of joy enters the world, he or she needs constant care.

  •  As your child grows, AL-SEEF PHARMACY has everything you need, including kid-approved vitamins, yummy toothpaste, and lower dosages of essential over-the-counter drugs.

  • At AL-SEEF PHARMACY, you can take care of your baby's every need.

  • Prepare for flu season with our instant-reading ear thermometers, affordable generic fever reducers, cough suppressants and sinus relief salient solutions.

  • Get rid of the sniffles so your little ones can head back to the playground. Sort through our baby bath and skincare products, diaper products, medicine, and formula to find everything your little ones need to feel well.

  • Stock your medicine cabinet to keep your baby out of the doctor's office and ready to play.